Does your family know you are a pornstar?

Life of porn stars is not an easy thing because they have to deal with a number of taboo situation and facing their family is one of those things. And all the people that watch porn wonder if the family of porn actors knows the real job these people do. Also, they wonder about the reaction that pornstars get from their family member after knowing the truth about their work.

On the basis of Pornstars interview that you see in this video, we can say almost most of them have families that are aware of the work and they do support them. Indeed, some families still consider working in the porn movies as a taboo and they just cut off their relationship porn actors. Some pornstars also claim that their entire family is not aware of their work, but they don’t know it for sure because they are on the internet and almost everyone has the access to the internet.

Enjoy some of my favorite pornstars below.


“The Joke’s On You” Porn prank

A busty redhead decides to play a porn prank on her boyfriend, where he “catches” her in the act of watching porn. Her intentions were to step on his manliness “a little bit” and also see how funny his reaction would be, hoping to have a really good laugh.

On entering the room, he seemed quite surprised but rather than being pissed off, he actually found it funny. As planned, she tells him the fake reason -that she was bored having sex with him- hoping to annoy him. Yet again, not flinching, he simply replied that she could leave if she was not satisfied, adding that pornography was not real. The porn prank didn’t seem to be going according to plan at all. Apparently he wasn’t humiliated or infuriated. About to lose her boyfriend to a porn prank, she opened up feeling quite foolish. Turns out it was not as hilarious as she had anticipated.